Most powerfull guilds
Gifts!19.03.18 15:09:09
Wszystkie osoby które polubią nasz FanPage na Facebooku, polubią ostatni post, udostępnią i w komentarzu wpiszą swój Nick w grze otrzymają punkty na start !

Everyone who like our FanPage on Facebook, will like the last post, share and in the commentary enter their Nick in the game will receive points to start!

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Gift!10.02.18 20:09:02
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Some Shots From OT03.02.18 04:08:56
Private Exp Rooms



And a lot of more

I hope you will join

See you in game Soon!
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Server Info31.01.18 22:29:22
server is now Closed.
Now u can Create Account and Character.

Start soon !
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